Why We Must Start a Business

Starting a business for most people is not easy. The classic thing, there are many considerations here and there so it is not uncommon to make people fail to start a business. Starting a business should not be one source of fear for everyone. To get rid of fears in starting a business, a person can make a… Read More »

Understanding Financial Statement and the Related Matters

Hello business activists… Understanding financial statement is like cooking in the kitchen. When you have no idea what to do, you will end up burning the kitchen. That is why if you want to read this kind of statement, you need to know everything about it first. Down below, there will be detailed information that you should understand about… Read More »

Financial Tips for College Students: Spending Money Wisely but Joyfully

Hello business activists… College is a difficult transitional period in life. At this time, students must be independent in most aspects in life, perhaps including financial one. However, college students tend to have limited ability to gain high and steady income due to their study. There are some financial tips for college students that can help them getting through… Read More »

Financial Risk Management Strategy and Some Points of Things to Do

Hello business activists… Having things planned properly is necessary. Moreover, it is also important to have certain measure of risk management. The risks can exist in many aspect of life, and finance is one of the most risky ones. Sometimes, the risks do not come from outside, but it is your own habit that becomes the disaster. That’s why… Read More »

Small Business Ideas for College Students to Earn Extra Money

Hello business activists… Students do not have much choice regarding the job and work. They still have a duty for studying and completing their grade. On the other hand, they may need money for several purposes. If you are student and want to earn extra money, the next list shows some small business ideas for college students. The List… Read More »

New Business Ideas USA to Start Your Own Career

Hello business activists… Creating new business is one of great steps in life. However, it is not something easy to do. There should be clear business idea, and you should consider the current condition as well as its opportunity to grow in the future. If you also share the same idea of developing a business, it is the good… Read More »

Online Business Model Canvas Template and Concept

Hello business activists… When starting a new business online, you definitely need an online business model canvas. Entrepreneurs must be familiar with this business plan. Yes, the business model canvas is like a startup plan for a new business developed by Alexander Osterwalder. The business plan covers everything that you need to understand about opening the new business.… Read More »

10 Tips on How to Start Online Business with No Money

Hello business activists… The tips on how to start online business with no money are often sought by a lot of people. These days, life is getting harder and you can just rely on your job to make money. Sometimes, you will have to learn to make more or extra money from a business. How can you start… Read More »