Small Business Ideas for College Students to Earn Extra Money

By | April 20, 2020
small business ideas for college students
small business ideas for college students

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Students do not have much choice regarding the job and work. They still have a duty for studying and completing their grade. On the other hand, they may need money for several purposes. If you are student and want to earn extra money, the next list shows some small business ideas for college students.

The List of Small Business Ideas for College Students

Before exploring them one by one, you should know the business does not have to be startup, company, and entrepreneur. Some jobs are dedicated for students as part time job. Moreover, the jobs are different from regular one as you work via online. In fact, this is the best choice for students. As we know, students can operate gadget and access the internet properly. The next list explains some jobs considered as the small business ideas for college students.

1. Selling Products

The simplest and faster way in making money online is by selling any products. Today, many marketplaces offer users to do easy transaction. It is like a market, but in the online platform. You can sell anything, such as foods, fashions, books, electronic, digital products, etc. The good thing is this idea is simple and applicable. You may create your own brand and sell the products with high price.

2. Website

One of small business ideas for college students is website. You can become the web developer, web designer, or just web owner. Well, website is the key technology in the internet era. You can make a website for many things, such as for sharing information, company profile, marketplace, social media, and many more. Today, people do not need expertise in the website development. As long as you know the basic, CMS will do the rest.

3. Freelance Writer

As students, writing skill is necessary to be acquired. You can be a freelance writer and sell your writing skill. Your service depends on your capability. In this case, the writings have many forms, such as article, website, content, formal letter, copywriting, book, advertisement, etc. Choose your area and explore it more to obtain portfolios.

4. Video Editor

The next business for students is video editor. It is one of small business ideas for college students with promising income. This job requires skill, gear, and knowledge. It relies on the result, and people come again if seeing your portfolio. Moreover, video editing can be expanded into various areas, such as filmmaker and video creator. Editing is starting point to show your skill and credential.

5. Photographer

If you like photography, being a photographer seems to be the right option for small business ideas for college students. This job has several options, for example freelancer, photography business, wedding photography, and many things. It does not need expensive gear as long as you know your skill and area. On the other side, you must invest more on the gears that quite expensive. When people see you have the best photography tools and supports, your credential will be increased then the order will come eventually. As starting point, you should register in the forum and show off your result.

6. Online Course and Tutoring

Students can have money from tutoring and giving lesson to others. With internet, this kind of job is no longer face-to-face. You can sell your skill in the specific area, such as math and science. This business is called online course and tutoring. This is the tough market, but the demand is high. If your skill is rare, this job can turn into professional consultation. Undergraduate students may not have much choice for the courses. They give the lesson based on their level.

7. Transcribing

Another way to obtain money as small business ideas for college students is transcribing. This is interesting job because you just listen the audio then write all words into the text. Your service is useful for others who do not understand the course or lectures. You transcribing service can be started from your dorm then you can expand it into other areas, including the different language.

8. Language Translator

If you have skill in other languages, being a translator is the other small business ideas for college students. Language translator has a job to translate the particular text or writing for the clients. This service is suitable for private clients since the pay rate is higher.

9. Social Media Influencer

As young people, you surely know about social media. This platform was started as a website to communicate in real time by sharing your personal post. Today, you can use social media for many things, such as marketing, sharing information, and promotion. Some people have millions followers and become an influencer. On the other side, some of them have enough followers that can be monetized. This is when you become a social media influencer. It is similar to advertisement in the television. The only difference is the media and platform. Therefore, being influencer is another option of small business ideas for college students.

10. Being Youtuber

Another way for making money is being Youtuber. This idea is not new, but it offers the opportunity for high income. You should choose the niche viewer with high demand. The most important thing is the video should be useful and have value. People will subscribe your channel and wait for new videos. In that case, the content must be what they need and want the most. However, this idea does not bring cash or money directly in the short term. You must build your brand and develop your own uniqueness.

11. Stock Trader

Stock trader seems an alternative that you should consider. This idea is not just for students who learn finance, economic, and math. On contrary, everyone has a chance to be a stock trader. The problem is how you make the profit. You should invest and analyze everything. In the right time, this is one of promising small business ideas for college students.

From the list of small business ideas for college students above, now you see some ideas are too common. As student, you must focus on something beyond ordinary people do. That’s what you should know about earning money through online media.

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